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  • Ål

    EXPERIENCE ÅL IN HALLINDAL — Provides information on sights – including remnants of a stave church built in 1150, an open air museum comprised of 30 old houses, and farms that are open to the public – and activities, including fishing, hunting and skiing. Features telephone numbers and other practical information, including how to get to this part of western Norway (between Oslo and Bergen). 


    ÅLESUND — THE CAPITAL OF NORTHWEST NORWAY — Brief discussion of this city, with photos, offered by the Norway Post. The city is located on the west coast of Norway, but in the south, not north. The website appears to be comprised of an old travel brochure that’s been scanned in – old because it reports that "in 1988 the town will be celebrating its 150th anniversary." 

    ÅLESUND TOURIST BOARD SITE — History of this unique art nouveau city in western Norway; information on accommodations, and attractions. 

    KJETIL’S ÅLESUND PAGE — Contains photos and links, including a link to a live photo of the city. The page provides a recipe for a regional dish made with salt cod. 


    ANGVIK FJORDFERIE — The village is located in the County of Møre og Romsdal. Surrounded by mountains, it has a population of 400. Includes photos and a map. 


    ARENDAL, THE TOWN — A map of a small town on the south coast of Norway, with information on its history, how to get there, and where to stay. Two hyperlinks to photos. 

    ARENDAL, VENICE OF SCANDINAVIA — includes facts, maps, links, and photos.


    BERGEN GUIDE — Information provided by Bergen Promotion. Substantial amount of information, effectively presented.

    THE TOWN OF CULTURE BETWEEN SEVEN MOUNTAINSDescription of the city by Tourist Magazine.

    VIRTUAL TOUR OF BERGEN — A month-by-month description of the city in photos and prose. 

    WELCOME TO BERGEN — Site posted by Terje Frederickson on Bergen, replete with photos and  links. 

    WELCOME TO BERGEN GATEWAY TO THE FJORDS OF NORWAY — The Bergen Tourist Board provides facts about this city known for ''its charm, atmosphere and spectacular setting,'' tells of its cultural tradition, its foods, and more.
    WELCOME TO BERGEN – GATEWAY TO THE FJORDSNewer set of pages from the Bergen Tourist Board, breezier in appearance.

    YOUR TRAVELING COMPANION -- BERGEN, NORWAY — Map, history of city, information on transportation, tours, shopping, accommodations. Under "tourist information," the accent is on the practical: the area code for Norway, postal rates, where the city’s main post office is located, duty free allowances, shopping hours, etc.  Webmaster Robert MacKinnon, a Canadian who lives in Oslo, constructed the site while living in Bergen. He notes: "These pages have existed (give or take a few changes) in their present form since 1991 when I first published them on the web. They are very old (in web years) and some of the information in them is beginning to become dated although I have tried hard to put timeless yet useful information in them."

    BERGENSBILDER — Sharp photos, mostly of Bergen, but also of five other cities in western Norway. Taken by semi-professional photographer Robin Strand.

    JUDGE ELVA SOPER’S PHOTOS OF BERGEN — Shots of Norway’s magical city. 

    SNAPSHOTS OF BERGEN — Photos taken by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Workman.







    SEE YOU SOON IN BJERKREIM! — Photos and text provide glimpses of a small sheep-raising community, with approximately 2,400 inhabitants, in scenic mountain terrain. Of particular interest is an old farm, Kløgetvedttunet, which has been turned into a museum. Includes photo of the valley of Ørsdalen, described as "a scenic pearl with excellent possibilities for walks." A RogBase site. 


    WELCOME TO BJUGN — Brief introduction to this city on the west side of Fosen Peninsula in south Trøndelag from the Norway Post. Includes photos and map. 


    BODØ — The site makes effective use of frames in telling of this city in Nordland County. Includes a run-down on accommodations, activities, events, etc. It advises that Bødo, with a population of 40,000, is the largest city in Northern Norway.

    BODØ INFORMATION — Page on Bødo and other areas in the northern portion of Norway.




    UNOFFICIAL EGERSUND HOMEPAGE — Tells of a town located in the City of Eigersund, County of Rogaland. The main page is primarily in Norwegian, but does contain a section in English. Includes historical and recent photos, as well as a large color map of Eigersund. The page is offered by Bjørn Roger Rasmussen, a civil worker at a school library, who advises: " a nice place with many old wooden houses, an old church (from 1620 / 1780), a number of old stone bridges and nice scenery. Before 1979 Egersund had a large pottery (china) factory (1847-1979), and as a result of that we today have a pottery (china) museum. We also have a folk museum. will find beautiful and exciting scenery (wild, with many small dales, lakes, mountains and cultivated areas) in the surroundings of Egersund."


    WELCOME TO BEAUTIFUL FINNØY! — This municipality, near Stavanger, is described by Henning Hansen, proprietor of this RogBase site, as a "paradise of islands, skerries and archipelagos with a rich animal life comprising elk and deer, as well as small skerries which are bird sanctuaries." Photos are included. "Remains of settlement dating back more than seven thousand years have been found here," Hansen says. "Other artifacts from a rich past are the medieval churches of Talgje from 1140 and Hesby from 1200."


    FORSAND—A FINE HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE! — Includes information on a prehistoric village at Forsandmoen, and on the Lysefjord area, which includes the Lysefjorden, "one of Norway’s wildest and most beautiful fjords." There’s a breathtaking shot from Preikestolen ("The Pulpit Rock"), a mountain shelf, looking down at the fjord, and information (for the heartier among us) on a five-hour trek up to the shelf and back. A RogBase site.


    FREDRIKSTAD — Map and photos of town at the south-easternmost point of Norway, as well as photos of other towns in the area. Part of a wide-ranging homepage of a denizen of the area, Børre Ludvigsen, an associate professor at Østfold Regional College, which is sponsor of the site.  These are the "original 1994-98 pages." Ludvigsen also offers Frederikstad 2000, a page comprised of 360-degree photos. (Requires plug-in to view.)


    GJESDAL — ROARING FORWARD! The scenery was formed by the Ice Age, its church was built in 1848, but, the text, advises, it is a growing area looking to the future. "Gjesdal municipal consist of many contrasts; the flatlands of Jæren, high mountains, lonely highlands, steep fjord and busy communities," Henning Hansen writes for the RogBase site. 


    GJØVIK — The Gjøvik and Toten Tourist Office provides information on accommodations, activities, attractions, and where to eat.  The municipalities of Gjøvik and Toten are located to the south of Lillehammer.


    WELCOME TO GRIMSTAD! — Information from the Grimstad Tourist Office, in conjunction with Anders Bjerkholt, on the "picturesque town of famous writers Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun." It has pages on those two writers, local museums, churches, and places of interest. Includes a photo gallery. It advises: "Grimstad is the town in Norway with the highest number of recorded days of sunshine! You will find us just 20 km south of Arendal and 50 km east of Kristiansand."


    HAMMERFEST — Tells of summer and winter activities in the northernmost town in the world.  


    HJELMELAND — Comprised of 2,740 inhabitants, Hjelmeland is one of the 26 municipalities in the County of Rogaland listed on RogBase -- the Internet Gateway to Rogaland. (See below under "Counties and Regions -- South-West."


    JØLSTER Tells of attractions and activities in this small municipality. The site notes: "Jølster lies at the centre of [the County of] Sogn & Fjordane and is known for its rich cultural traditions in home crafts, folk music, song, dancing and creative arts. Agriculture is the largest and most important industry." Part of the Fjordinfo website.


    WELCOME TO KARMØY — Tells of history, fishing, festivals/events, places of interest, galleries, accommodations, alternate routes, and more.


    KVITSØY—THE ISLAND PARADISE — This municipality is comprised of 365 islands, with only 500 inhabitants. Attractions include a church built in 1620, a stone cross from the Viking Age, and a lighthouse. One of the shorter of the RogBase sites, but interesting.


    See "Destination Sørlandet" under "regions."


    LÆRDAL — Located in the County of Sogn og Fjordane in southwestern Norway, this municipality has a population of less than 3,000. Webmaster Nils Roar Sælthun says: "Ask a Norwegian about Lærdal, and he will probably mention three things: salmon,
    the Borgund stave church and the old roads. Recently, two new attractions have been
    added to the list: The longest road tunnel in the world (E16 from Lærdal to Aurland,
    24.5 km, to opened 27 Nov 2000), and the Atlantic Salmon Centre at Lærdalsøyri,
    opened in 1996.


    Sites related to the "Lillehammer area" are listed under the "South-East region."


    LOSHAVN — Photos and information on this small 19th century fishing village on the south coast of Norway. Part of a homepage of a Norwegian associate professor.


    LUSTER — Luster is a municipality of about 5,000 inhabitants in the south-western portion of Norway. This site lists attractions and accommodations. Part of the Fjordinfo website.

    LUSTER — Website of the Luster Travel Assn. It has information on accommodations, activities, attractions, hiking trails, and national parks, and a photo gallery.

    LUSTER KOMMUNE — Local government site. Features activities, attractions, and genealogical information, as well as a photo gallery.


    WELCOME TO LYNGDAL NORWAY — Presented by the Lyngdal Tourist Office. Has information on scenery, fishing, diving, swimming, golf, events, accommodations. City has a population of 7,000.


    NÆROY MUNICIPALITY — Brief information on a coastal fishing and farming community of 5,500 in Nord-Trøndelag county, including attractions, accommodations, and tourist infrmation.


    WELCOME TO NESODDEN, NORWAY — Located on a peninsula in the Oslo Fjord, this city of 13,920 in Akershus County is an artists’ colony. The site describes beaches, art galleries, and magnificent scenery. Under the heading "Things to do in Nesodden," author Morten Steinhauer advises: "Not much, really."

    Nordkapp (North Cape)

    NORDKAPPWEBThe North Cape is the northernmost point of Europe. This site pages on "Accommodations" and "Attractions and Activities."

    Nordre Land

    NORDRE LAND MUNICIPALITY -- OPPLAND COUNTY — The Norway Post advises on what to see in this city of 7,000 inhabitants.


    ØKSNES I VESTERÅLEN — The page is in both Norwegian and English. Øksnes, with a population of about 5,000, is in Nordland County in the north.


    OSLO KOMMUNE — This is the official City of Oslo website. It features historical and general information. It is not extensive.

    STREETWISE – YOUR BUDGET GUIDE TO OSLO 2001 — UngInfo, an information office for young people in Oslo, offers information on such matters as cheap accommodations, night life and activities. A section on "Practical Information" covers such topics as alcohol, money exchange,  taxis, telephones, and tipping.

    WELCOME TO OSLO — A presentation of Oslo Promotion, a private company which acts as the city's visitors and convention bureau. It offers, inter alia, facts about Norway's capital city, a slide show, information on the vikings, and a shot of Oslo right now. The site includes the Official Oslo Guide with information on attractions, accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and practical information.


      JUDGE ELVA SOPER’S PHOTOS OF OSLO — Photos by a Los Angeles Municipal Court judge whose amateur photos rival those of professionals. Mostly of Vigeland Park, Norway’s most popular attraction. From the Half-Norwegian (on the Mother’s Side) American Bar Assn. website.

      OSLO CLICKWALK The site allows the visitor to pinpoint areas of the capital and see a photo of the scenery.






    WELCOME TO RANDABERG! — A RogBase site which includes photos of lighthouse, construction of which began in 1828, the municipality’s new industrial harbor, crab and lobster traps, and a farm.


    FACTS ABOUT SARPSBORG — Tells of the history of this city in the southeast County of Østfold, its culture and leisure activities, and places of interest. The site presents 11 photos of the city.


    SAUDA MUNICIPAL — MOUNTAINS AND WATERFALLS — Includes photo of a majestic waterfall which powers an old farm which has never been operated with operated by modern tools or methods. Also: photos of an old zinc mine, open for tours, and a 1914 mansion-hotel. A RogBase site.


    SEL Has pages on accommodations, attractions, activities, Rondane National Park, Jørundgard Medieval Centre (a reconstructed medieval farm), and a statue of Kristin Lavransdatter (fictional character in Sigrid Undset novels set in the Oppland County city of Sel).


    SKIEN — Brief description of the city on the Tourist Magazine website. It makes note of Ibsen's birth there. The city is located in the County of Telemark in the south.

      THE IBSEN HOUSE — All about the boyhood home of Henrik Ibsen, located in the center of Skien, used for cultural events and rented out for conferences. The site also includes articles on Henrik Ibsen and his life in Skien.

      POSTCARDS FROM SKIEN — Numerous vintage postcards from Skien are offered by Høiset.





    STAVANGER — THE UNIQUE TOWN OF NORWAY — Background music, dramatic photos, the story of the city in history and now. The site includes a 24-hour live camera at Stavanger Harbor. Part of the "Stavanger History Guide" (described above under "Noteworthy sites"). 

    STAVANGER — BE OUR GUEST — Tells of the city, includes several photos. It has numerous links to Stavanger-related sites. Part of the RogBase service. (Discussed below under "Counties and Regions.")

    STAVANGER — WEB.COMHighly comprehensive website with general information, a photo gallery, a history of the area from the Stone Age, tourist information, and quite a bit more.


    WELCOME TO STEINKJER! — Skimpy page on a town in Central Norway in the County of North Trøndelag. Highway E-6 traverses the town, and its page is on a commercial site called "The Coastal Route" which promotes businesses and towns along that route.


    SULDAL MUNICIPAL — FJORDS AND MOUNTAINS — Tells of the town of Jelsa, an old coastal village and trading town with a church that was built in 1647. Other attractions: a school museum, a trading post from the 1700s, and, nearby, an the old county official’s farm at the Barkeland farm and forest paths leading to the Jelsa beach. Elsewhere in the municipality: Guggedal loft and store, which dates from the year of 1250; a 110-year-old steamer that runs on the Suldal lake; and 19th Century castles where English lords were guests. A RogBase site.


    WELCOME TO SURNADAL — The site offers a brief description of this rural district in the western County of Møre og Romsdal. It is mostly in Norwegian. However, it is not necessary to speak that language in order to enjoy the photos or make use of the map .


    TIME — THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE JÆREN — In 1995, the Norwegian central statistical bureau announced that the Time municipality, population 12.600, was the best area in which to live in Norway, this website advises. Time is located in the verdant country area known as the Jæren District. The activities there are agriculture, which fits, and, though seemingly incongruent, high technology. The site, part of the RogBase Service, tells of the municipality’s five museums, and of its scenic mountains and valleys. Includes photos; has a link leading to a page with more photos. Warning: these photos are unhealthful to anyone allergic to green.


    DESTINASJON TRØMSO — The site offers facts and figures about the city, how to get there, lists of attractions and activities, and an article entitled "Tromsø’s history – 'the Paris of the North' "


    TRONDHEIM GUIDE — Information on history of the city, sightseeing, museums, accommodations, restaurants and bars, sports, transportation, tourist office and "useful information." 

    TRONDHEIM — Norway's Historical Capital — An article by Atle Kjærvik from the December, 1993 issue of Gemini, publication of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Tells of the city's history and its present status as a leading center of technology.


    VOSS NOW — Maps, aerial photos of farms, a 180-degree shot of the city and surrounding beauty, and vintage photos of the area. Though "frames" can easily be distracting and cumbersome, this site makes effective use of the technology. The site was created by Svein Ulvund, whose homepage leads to his other Voss-related and geneaology-related pages: his Family and Genealogy Page, which includes a judicial decision in a 1724 murder case; Genealogy Research in Voss; People Helping People, where genealogical inquiries may be posted; and Information About Voss.

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