CELEBRATION OF THE 17th OF MAY IN NORWAY — All about the annual May 17 (Syttende Mai) celebration. Tells of the signing of the Constitution on May 17, 1814 and surrounding events; how national poet Henrik Wergeland (1808-1845) and author Bjφrnstjerne Bjφrnson (1832 -1910) are connected to the celebration; and the traditional children's parade, with appealing photos. Includes information on the Norwegian flag. The pages are provided by Jane Ognedal and Harald Claussen of Stavanger.

CHRISTMAS IN NORWAY — Authored by Vera Henriksen, this is a thoroughly fascinating discussion of how Christmas is celebrated in Norway and the oldest yule traditions there. It appears on the Norway Info site.

COMPLETE, NORWEGIAN CHRISTMAS PAGE — "On these pages we have tried to throw light on the Norwegian way of celebrating Christmas," the opening page announces. Webmasters Jane Ognedal and Harald Claussen succeed admirably. The site offers information and charm. It includes Christmas songs and Christmas traditions.

GRANDMA'S EASTER PAGES — From the website of Hans Kristian Lehmann and family in Notodden, Norway (county of Telemark). Includes information on old Easter traditions in Norway, Easter decorations, and on what date Easter will fall through the year 2019.

MAY 17  — Text of remarks delivered on May 11, 2002 by Oswald I. Gilbertson, Norway's honorary consul in San Diego, Calif., before the Greater San Diego 17th of May Committee at its annual dinner.

NORDIC FEST — Official site for the annual event, which is slated for July 26-28, 2001. The theme is "Sing the Songs of Norway." The site advises: "Join us for a festive weekend tour of Norway - one that includes intricate costumes, traditional dancing,
rousing entertainment and delicious food - all wrapped in the scenic beauty of Northeastern Iowa.
For thirty five years, Decorah has hosted Nordic Fest to honor our community's Scandinavian heritage. We offer entertainment and activities for the entire family to enjoy!"

NORWEGIAN HOLIDAYS  — Brief summary of celebrations on Christmas, Syttende Mai, and St. John's Eve. It's from the website of Minnesota State University.

THE SEVENTEENTH OF MAY  — Information on this holiday is provided by the Stavanger Web. Eric Mathiesen is the webmaster.


DID 14TH CENTURY SCANDINAVIAN EXPLORERS VISIT MIDWESTERN NORTH AMERICA? — Fascinating historical recitation by Charles W. Moore, a freelance writer, editor and syndicated columnist based in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

EDVARD GRIEG PAGE — Links to websites dealing with Norway's greatest composer. Compiled by John Jay Hilfiger, associate dean of general education and associate professor of music at Saint Francis College in Loretto, Penn.

HISTORY OF RELIGION IN NORWAY — Traces history from 900 AD.

THE SUBLIME PAPER CLIP: A DESIGN CLASSIC — This common gizmo was the invention of a Norwegian (of course). During World War II, the wearing of it as a pin represented a defiance to the occupying Nazis — and a cause for arrest.

THE VIKING NETWORK WEB — Educational site telling not only of the Vikings' "raiding and trading," but also their everyday lives, including sports and their legal system. Includes a fascinating article on Yuletide revelry, "From a midwinter celebration to a Christian feast."


AFTERPOSTEN — News articles in English from an Oslo daily newspaper.

NORWAY DAILY — News reports culled from Norwegian daily newspapers and presented, in English, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From the Odin website (listed under "Noteworthy" sites).

NORWAY POST — News articles in English, and more (See listing under "Noteworthy" sites.)

Places in the U.S.

CITY OF LAKE MILLS, IOWA, 50450 — Information on a rural Iowa city largely populated by Scandinavians. Site includes a photo of the Norwegian American Immigrant Family Monument, honoring the immigrants settled in the Lake Mills community. Names of local businesses include Norseman Trucking, Helgeson Financial Services, Viking Realty and Helgeson Drainage.

CLIFTON  — Page on Clifton, Texas includes information on a Norse settlement founded in the 1850s.

CLIFTON--NORWEGIAN CAPITAL OF TEXAS — The city's official website.

PIGEON FALLS — A page on a Norwegian settlement in Wisconsin founded in 1866.

VELKOMMEN! WELCOME TO HENDRICKS, MINNESOTA — The lively homepage of a Norwegian American city. Includes Norwegian recipes and Norwegian jokes, news from Hendricks, information on Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day on the 17th of May) and Hendrick's celebration of it, and government links. Paul Olson is the webmaster.


ENGLISH-TO-NORWEGIAN DICTIONARY — If you enter a word and click on "submit," it will provide corresponding Norwegian words.

GREAT-AUNT — Torgeir Solstad, a denizen of Norway, wrote the account of his great aunt's life while studying in the U.S. He tells "A Story about a Woman immigrating to the American Continent and Her Life in the New Country." It is a disturbing story, including as it does an account of her institutionalization, on the say-so of her husband, based on his disapproval of her religious activities.

HOME OF THE TROLLS — Tales and drawings of trolls. No photos of them; maybe they're camera-shy.

LOFOTEN ART ON THE INTERNET — The subtitle tells the nature of the site: "Paintings from / about the exotic Lofoten Islands in northern Norway." Webmaster is Leif Joh. Andersen.

MARTIN'S MAGAZINE — Includes recipes, a "list of genealogical terms," Norwegian-to-English genealogy dictionary, "On My Mind Today," other features. Launched in April, 1998 by Martin Eidhammer, of Skjevik, Norway, it is an expanding site.

NORWAY PAGE — Facts on Norway, including a sketch of its history. Located on Jerry Longstrom's Homepage.

MY NORWEGIAN HERITAGE — Reminiscences by Mona, a daughter of Norwegian immigrants. All of Norwegian heritage will enjoy reading it.

NORWEGIAN INVENTIONS, DISCOVERIES AND AWARDS — Inventions include television, cheese slicer and paper clip. From Katrine Clip’s excellent site, Norway Info.

NORWEGIAN MUSIC INFORMATION CENTRE — Information from a private, government-endowed organization on printed music, composers, the music scene.

NORWEGIAN-TO-ENGLISH ONLINE DICTIONARY — Fill in a word, it gives you a translation.

ST. OLAF COLLEGE — Website of a Norwegian American educational institution in Northfield, Minn.

WWW.TIMEANDDATE.COM — A site erected by Steffen Thorsen, an ingenious student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It will show the days, minutes and seconds until the Year 2000; the number of days between any two dates you enter; on what date you will reach the age of 20,000 days, and more. Worth bookmarking is the feature that will show the calendar for any year. It includes a world clock (showing what time it is at points across the globe). For the time right now in Norway, click here.

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