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— Europe Online is a Luxembourg-based website covering 22 nations. The Norway site presents links in several categories, including "News and Weather" and "Cities and Regions." The pages are well organized and have a professional polish to them. There are two versions of the pages: one version in Norwegian, the other in English. However, the English language version includes hyperlinks which lead to sites in Norwegian, only, and for the most part this is with no forewarning.

GREAT NORWEGIANS HOMEPAGE Biographies of Niels Abel, Roald Amundsen, Bernt Balchen, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Leif Ericson, Kirsten Flagstad, Ragnar Frisch, Ivar Giaever, Edvard Grieg, Sonja Henie, Thor Heyerdahl, Henrik Ibsen, Walter Mondale, Edvard Munch, Fridtjof Nansen, Lars Onsager, Knute Rockne, Marta Sandal, Eric Sevareid, Jan Stenerud, Liv Ullmann, Sigrid Undset, Thorstein Veblen and Earl Warren. Some of the biographies are reprinted from ODIN or other sources, some reside on other sites, and some are original. A Page 2 has been added with information on "great Norwegians" about whom information on the web is relatively scant. Traitors Vidkun Quisling and Knut Hamsun are dealt with under the category of "Norway's Black Sheep."

Links, organized under numerous categories. Easily navigated. "Fred" -- software developer/analyst Fredrik Nygaard of Asker, Norway -- has, indeed, proved "helpful" in offering this outstanding website.

LINKS TO SCANDINAVIA (Norway Page) A worthwhile collection of links in diverse categories including Government organizations and services, museums, art galleries and artists in Norway, and Norwegian sports resources.

NORTRADE An exports directory from the Norwegian Trade Council. Includes more than 20 categories and more than 600 Norwegian companies.

NORWAY The entry on Norway in Encarta, the online encyclopedia. Includes links to other Norway-related subjects.

NORWAY INFO An excellent, lively, and wide-ranging site with, for example, Norwegian recipes, "A Year in Norway" (a "clickable" calendar with Norwegian holidays), a piece on Norwegian words in the English language (such as "saga," "ski," and "window") and a feature on "Norwegian Inventions, Discoveries and Awards." Some articles are from ODIN, but many are by the site's "webmistress," Katrine Fjeldal Clip of San Francisco (who grew up in Oslo). Clip also shares some of her excellent photos of Norway.

NORWAY ONLINE INFORMATION SERVICE A government-operated site, maintained by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York, along with the Norwegian Information Service to the United States, the Royal Norwegian Consulate Generals in Houston, Miami, Minneapolis and San Fransisco, the Norwegian Trade Council, the Norwegian Tourist Board (NORTRA), the Norwegian Industry Attaches, the Norwegian Seafood Export Council and the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce. "This web site is dedicated to serving the international web community with cultural, political, and travel information about Norway," it announces on the opening page. It, like other sites, borrows from ODIN, but it has much to offer that's original, including materials from the embassy's newsletter, News of Norway, which includes listings of meetings in the United States. Information on tourism is presented in the "Visiting Norway" section. The site also provides "Information on Passports, Work Permits and Residence Permits in Norway."

NORWAY POST — Contains news, news archives, and stories related to business, travel, and sports. There is also information on Norway's culture and links to sites relating to its counties and their municipalities.

ODIN Website of the government of Kongeriket Norge (Kingdom of Norway). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' "Articles Service" is an invaluable resource, offering information in English on Norway's government, history, art, and numerous other topics. Too, the website provides a daily report containing excerpts of news stories from Norway's leading newspapers.

SLEKT & HISTORIE Johan Ingvald Borgos "Family & History" page. This site is a must! It contains basic matters of interest to English-speaking descendents of Norwegians, including on Norwegian naming patterns, Norwegian first names, Norwegian farm names, tracing Norwegian immigrants, Norwegian administrative units, Norwegian farmer groups, and the special Nordic letters in the alphabet (in Norwegian, æ, ø, and å). Also, a map showing Norway's 19 counties.

Replete with background music and imagination -- an enterprising, well-executed effort by author Michael Holmboe Meyer. The various articles -- on topics such as Norwegian Independence Day and the Statue of Liberty (the copper came from Norway) -- are original and fascinating. The site includes a page on "Stavanger -- the Unique Town of Norway." (See "Traveling in Norway" section under "cities.") The photos are impressive. There's a "live" photo from Stavanger Harbor (changes every five minutes). The page has won awards -- and deservedly.

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