BILL & SUSAN'S LUNDEHUND PAGE Includes a photo of the Taylors' Lundehund, Sunny, and a small bit of information on this distinctive ancient breed with six toes on each foot. 

THE ELKHOUND ZONE Informative site with excellent photos. Provides answers to the question "What is the Norwegian Elkhound?", tells of history and lore of the breed, and has plenty of photos of the elkhound "Gus" (short for Gustav). 

INTERNATIONAL WEBPAGE OF THE NORWEGIAN LUNDEHUND The site on this Norwegian dog was created by two fanciers, Mary Kvarnström of Sweden and Richard H. Schefer of the U.S.A. Contains various articles. One, The Norwegian Lundehund the Cliffhanger, by Siv Kvarnström, advises that this unique breed originated on the Lofoten Islands and was used for catching "puffin birds." The author informs us: "Lundehunds are a zoological rarity by having at least six fully developed toes on each foot. They can close their ear canals at will and are able to bend their head backwards over their shoulders. Their legs that are extremely flexible and can be stretched out to the side...." Another attribute: "There is a special connection between a Lundehund and its owner. You can let your Lundehund loose without fear that it will run away. Lundehunds are naturally 'programmed' always to stay by your side." Another article, A Norwegian What?? by Daniel Walford and Gail Hussar notes: "Tragically, after World War 11, the Lundehund population was decimated by disease, and its numbers dwindled to only six dogs. Now, due to the noble efforts of special people, this rare and wonderful dog has been saved from extinction. Currently, there are about 200 Lundehunds registered in the United States, and possibly 1,000 worldwide." Contains photo of three lundehunds. The Norwegian Lundehund Online Magazine contains feature articles, events, and more.

NORWEGIAN BUHUND — Basic facts concerning the breed -- and a photo of a handsome representative of it. A page on the "Discover Dogs" website in the United Kingdom.

NORWEGIAN DOGS ON STAMPS — Pictured are three Norwegian stamps, one bearing the likeness of a Norwegian farm dog (buhund), another featuring the Norwegian elkhound, and, of course, one with the inimitable lundehund.

NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND — Standards for the breed, set forth on the American Kennel Club website.

NORWEGIAN LUNDEHUND CLUB OF AMERICA — Contains "Puffin Dog Information" including facts on "The Lundehund in America" and a discussion of the special attributes of the "The Intriguing Lundehund."

NORWEGIAN LUNDEHUND NETWORK — This is a website that is the successor to "Skadie's House." Skadie is a Norwegian Lundehund who lives in Northern California. She has a new canine colleague, Modi. There are photos of Skadie and Modi and text on them, as well as a history of the breed, a photo album, and other features.

SUNN-VALLEY'S DON CARLOS — Anders Stølen offers a tribute to his companion, black Newfoundland dog, who died April 20, 1999. There are photos of the hearty and lovable canine on the snow-strewn mountains of the County of Møre og Romsdal. Pleasant music plays in the background.

WILLIE'S WEB WORLD — Website of a Norwegian lundehund. There are two photos of Willie and some information on this fascinating breed.


NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT — A "breed profile" from the website of the Cat Fanciers Assn. It notes: "Is their Norse name accurate? Yes, the skogkatt, meaning forest cat, really did come out of the Scandinavian forests some time in the last 4,000 years."

NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION The homepage advises: "The Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers' Association is a group of breeders and fanciers located in the United States dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Norwegian Forest Cat and cats in general. We are a non-affiliated association who welcomes members not only here in the USA but throughout the world." Includes list of breeders in the United States and various links.

NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT--THE SKOGKATT A site in Norway providing all you would ever want to know about this breed. Here's Bjorn Steensrud's opening description of it: "Like a small but beautiful version of the lynx, the Norwegian Forest Cat is part of Norway's fauna. For many of us, it is the faerie cat we chance upon while out in the wilderness. Proud -- yes, of course -- and with a good deal in it that is still wild, yet not aggressive, and quite prepared to be affectionate."


ABOUT THE FJORD HORSE — Basic information on the breed from the website of Fjord Horse International.

THE FJORDHORSE Effectively presented tribute to this sturdy and attractive equine. Tells of the the breed, in general, the breeding plan and breed standards of the National Horse Centre, history of the breed, annual events, and relevant addresses. Includes images of fjord horses divided into six categories: photos sent by "guests" -- i.e., those who have visited the webpage; photos taken at events; depictions on postcards and "other miscellaneous stuff"(such as a coin and a postage stamp); pictures in books; vintage photos and drawings; and the album of the site's proprietor, Ingvild Nygaard of Oslo. 

INTERNATIONAL FJORD-NET A useful site in the Netherlands relating to the Norwegian fjord horse. Contains briefing on the history and characteristics of this ancient breed, news items relating to the breed, events and stories about fjord horses. 

NORWEGIAN FJORD Basic information on the breed from the Oklahoma State University's descriptions of horses, part of its "Breeds of Livestock" resource presented by the Department of Animal Science. 

NORWEGIAN FJORD HORSE Information on the breed and on the national registry in the U.S.



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