BYGDELAG PAGEThe site advises: "Bygdelag are organizations made up of the descendants of emigrants from particular areas of Norway who are now living in North America. Each lag seeks to preserve and strengthen bonds with its home district or community-of-origin in Norway, much of it through geneological research." The site offers links to news groups, Norwegian sites and genealogy sites. The Webmistress is Ruth M. Sylte.

GREATER SAN DIEGO 17th OF MAY COMMITTEE — Information on Syttende Mai celebrations in San Diego, CA.

HALF NORWEGIAN (ON THE MOTHER'S SIDE) AMERICAN BAR ASSN. — A group comprised of lawyers and judges which meets annually in Los Angeles on May 17 (Norwegian Independence Day). There is both a fun-loving and a serious side to the organization. The organization hosts this site, which is a fun endeavor and hopefully a serious contribution.

HARDANGER FIDDLE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA — A non-profit organization preserving and promoting the folk tradition of Norwegian music and dance. The webmaster is Ruth Marie Sylte of Union City, Calif.

LANDINGS LAGET I AMERIKA — Information on an organization founded in 1910 by Norwegian settlers from the community of Land in Oppland, a fylke (county) in south central Norway, 100 miles north of Oslo. Includes links.

LEIF ERICSON VIKINGSHIP — A Philadelphia-based organization with this mission statement: "Our mission is to educate the North American Peoples that Leif Ericson was the first European known to have discovered and settled on this continent in 1003AD nearly 500 years before Columbus. We use our Vikingship 'Norseman' both to attract attention to our cause and to experience what it was like to travel on the water a thousand years ago. We celebrate Leif Ericson's day on October 9th." Site includes photo album and Viking Links.

NORWEGIAN AMERICAN FOUNDATION— The group's mission statement reads: "The mission of The Norwegian American Foundation isto further cooperation among all Norwegian-American organizations and to strengthen the ties between Norway and people throughout North America, who through ancestry and interest have a special relationship with Norway." The site contains a comprehensive calendar of Norwegian-American events in the United States and Canada.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION — Its mission statement: "The goal of the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA) is to locate, collect, preserve and interpret the Norwegian-American part of this whole with accuracy, integrity, and liveliness. In doing so, Norwegian Americans will have an identifiable position in America's past, present, and future." Linked to St. Olaf's College in Northfield, Minn., the group maintains archives which "have become a treasure trove for scholars of immigration history." Members (contributors) receive a discount on publications and preferential use of the archives.

NORWEGIAN SOCIETY OF TEXASThe opening page explains: "The Norwegian Society of Texas (NST) is a statewide organization founded on March 25, 1975 with the objective ìto enjoy, preserve and promote our Norwegian heritage. As in the days of the Vikings, N.S.T. is governed by the Althing, a state-wide body with elected representatives from each of the local chapters." Provides information on the organization and links.

SOGNEFJORDLAGET IN AMERICA — An organization in the U.S. and Canada with these purposes: "to strengthen the cultural and social ties between immigrants from Sogn and their descendants; to increase understanding and appreciation of Sogn area and its people; to offer cultural exchange opportunities which help preserve the traditions of the Sogn area, while honoring the current customs which evolved as a result of the immigration movement."

SONS OF NORWAY — Website of the largest organization of persons of Norwegian ascentry in North America (72,000 members here, in Canada, and in Norway), with assets of $170 million. The site offers "a storehouse of information about all things Norwegian." Features include Norwegian recipes, language lessons, " Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month" including the Norwegian alphabet. The organization offers a LIST OF LODGES.

VESTERHEIM NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN MUSEUM — Members are said to number 8,000, from 50 states and several foreign countries. They receive informational materials and price breaks on goods and services. The website relates: "With 16 historic buildings in its main complex, which occupies most of a square block in downtown Decorah, and two National Register historic sites — a farmstead and country church — just outside the city, Vesterheim is the largest, most comprehensive museum in the United States dedicated to a single immigrant group. Though Norwegian-American, Vesterheim reflects the story of an entire immigrant nation pioneering its future. The museum houses over 21,000 artifacts, including large samplings from the fine, decorative, and folk arts, and the tools and machinery of early agriculture, lumbering, and other immigrant industries." The museum operates a genealogical center in Madison, Wisc.

VESTKYSTEN'S NORDMÖRSLAG SEATTLE — A club founded in 1936 by immigrants from Nordmøre. VIKING AGE CLUB OF MINNEAPOLIS/ VIKING AGE CLUB OF SONS OF NORWAY — Two non-profit Minneapolis-based clubs with nationwide memberships, the latter club being restricted to members of Sons on Norway. Dedicated to Viking history. Meets monthly in Minnesota. Site includes "Other Viking Links."


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