— Genealogy links and more.
Quite comprehensive and well presented. Maintained by former San Francisco attorney John Føllesdal.

BJERKE HOMEPAGE — It's a site of intense interest to those who have ancestors in common with Håkon, Terry, Elisabeth, and Brian Bjerke.

CINDI'S LIST OF GENEALOGICAL SITES ON THE INTERNET -- NORWAY/NORGE — Contains lists of genealogical resources, family pages, societies and groups, and more. Maintained by Cyndi Howells.

DIGITAL ARCHIVE OF NORWAY — Data from the censuses of 1801, 1865, and 1901.

EMIGRANTS — Lars Steinar Hansen offers information on nearly 3,000 emigrants from Stangvik, Surnadal, Sunndal, Åsskard, Todal, Ålvundfjord, Ålvundeid and Øksendal, on the western coast of Central Norway.

EMIGRATION FROM NORWAY — The website's subtitle is "The Solem & Swiggum Ship Index." It offers information on the ships that left Norway with emigrants from 1825-1925. A page on the site tells of a little mentioned genealogical research tool: police lists of emigrants. Canadians Gery and Sue Swiggum and Norwegian Børge Solem are the webmasters. An excellent resource.

FIND YOUR ROOTS IN STAVANGER  — Website of the Norwegian Emigration & Genealogy Center. Offers Genealogy Sources and Services -- fill in information on an ancestor, make payment by credit card ($50 for three hours), receive information.

FROM GJERPEN TO AMERICA  — Tells of emigration from 1837-1862, with names of ships, their captains, places of embarcation and arrival, dates of sailing, etc. The site is produced by Jan Christensen. Gjerpen is located in the City of Skien, in the southeast County of Telemark. Also see Christensen's website, Skien Genealogical Page, listed below.

GENEALOGICAL HELP FROM ELCA ARCHIVES  — Those born in Norway are born into the Lutheran Church. They are legally unable to disaffirm membership until the age of 16, and 92% of those living in Norway are Lutheran. So, it stands to reason that 1.) most Norwegian immigrants to the United States were Lutheran and remained so; and 2.) the archives of the Evangenical Lutheran Church in America would be of considerable value to genealogical researchers. This site tells how to go about securing information from the church records in the U.S.A.

GENEALOGICAL HOMEPAGE  — Webmaster Christian F. Scheel provides a "Dictionary of Some Genealogical Terms," showing the words in Swedish, English, and Norwegian. The site also includes lists of resources.

GENEALOGY IN FINNMARK, NORWAYResource for those doing research on ancestors in Finnmark, Norway's northernmost county. The site is presented with a loving touch by Karen Redd, a grandmother in Utah. The site provides family-tree information on 1660 individuals and 551 families, as of February, 2000, as well as maps, information on other persons doing research on Finnmark, and links. Redd offers to do "look-ups" in the Parish registers she owns.

GENEALOGY IN TROMS — A website ably constructed by Tami Jensen of Salt Lake City. The site features detailed maps of Troms County (in Northern Norway), a query forum, a page with success stories, a list of more than 100 researchers, and several links.


ILLINOIS NORWEGIAN TRI-COUNTY/TRI-TOWNSHIP GENEALOGY GUILD HOME PAGE — The website is under construction; two family trees appear. Webmaster Richard J Jolley says the site will cover persons "of Norwegian ancestry who settled and lived in Illinois, predominately in the Nettle Creek Twp of Grundy County, Big Grove Twp of Kendall County and Mission Twp of LaSalle County and the sounding areas."

JANGAARDEN GENEALOGICAL SITE — Jangaarden is situated on the island Valderøy at the northwestern part of Norway in the County of Møre og Romsdal. The site contains family information for descendants of persons who lived in Jangaarden.

KRAGERØ GENEALOGY PAGE — Of significance to those with roots in Kragerø, located in Telemark, a county (fylke) in the south east of Norway. Prepared by Per Stian Bjørnø Kjendal. Includes an index of those who emigrated from the area from 1843-99.

LEIF JOH. ANDERSEN'S HOMEPAGE — Offers several genealogical links, as well as a portion of the author's genealogical database. Contains photos and other non-geneaological materials, and a brief biography of the webmaster.

MY LINKS TO THE WORLD In English and Norwegian. Webmaster Otto Jørgensen shares his collection of links, primarily relating to genealogy.

NORWAY GENEALOGY — An outstanding website featuring new and archived genealogical queries; lists of surnames, each alongside a link to a researcher to contact in connection with the name; useful information and numerous links. Linda Schwartz is the webmaster.

NORWAY LIST — A website with fascinating content. It includes a page with e-mail links to persons who are willing to look up family histories. There are also links to genealogy pages, links to pages on Norwegian history and historical figures, and pages on webmasters of various genealogy sites. More significant than the website, however, is the service its webmaster, Karla Halsan Mattila, in acting as conduit for persons seeking information on Norway and those willing to provide it. Subscribers to her "Norway list" may e-mail queries or responses, which are transmitted by e-mail to subscribers. The service is free. There are several dozens of e-mail messages daily. Information on how to subscribe and unsubscribe is provided on a page titled "Norway List Guidelines."

NORWAY ROOTS — A Canadian site which contains numerous links.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN BYGDELAGENES FELLESRÅD — Includes information on various families and on farm names. (See listing for this website under "Organizations.")

NORWEGIAN EMIGRANT MUSEUM (Norsk Utvandrermuseum) — The website has a form which can be printed out and faxed to it seeking genealogical information. It turns the form over to the Hedmark Genealogical Society which performs the research (for a fee).

ROOTSWEB.COM — Search by surname; pulls up public records. The website, which is not geared in particular to Norway, does contain the Archives of the Norway List, a question-and-answer e-mail service.

SEARCH FOR NAMES — A feature on the "Statistics Norway" website. Type in a given name and/or a surname and learn how many persons in Norway have that name.

SKIEN GENEALOGICAL PAGE Jan Christensen offers a site with tax lists, old maps, photos, links, and more.

SLEKTSBIBLIOTEKET — The title means "family library." The website is hosted by Stig Samuelsen of Os, in the County of Hordaland. Its resources include a "lookup service." The user types in information as to the type of search desired (such as the county), hits a button, and is given e-mail links to persons possessing the relevant resource materoals who are willing to do look-ups. It also includes a photo archive; persons visiting the site are asked to e-mail photos of their ancestors for inclusion.

SUNDENES FROM NORWAY — This website, presented by Dawn Sundene Johnson, includes her family history, with photos of ancestors, and "web cards" on about 500 family members. She offers an excellent genealogical linkpage.

VESTERHEIM GENEALOGICAL CENTER & NAESETH LIBRARY — Information on facility in Madison, Wisconsin operated by the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa. "The purposes of the center are to respond to Norwegian and Norwegian-American genealogical inquiries, to collect and make available Norwegian and Norwegian-American genealogical resources, and to promote the study of Norwegian heritage."



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