This site reflects the more serious side of the Half-Norwegian on the Mother's Side American Bar Assn. It's the outgrowth of a telephone conversation between two Southern California Norwegian American lawyers. While one was telling of his plans to visit Ålesund, the other did a search on Yahoo to see that city's homepage and get a bearing on the area. Recognition emerged of the desirability of a site geared to Norwegian Americans, with information on such matters as cities in Norway. The site was launched June 18, 1997.

The collection of links in the travel section was the most comprehensive and up-to-date on the Internet. There were links to sites pertaining to Norwegian animals, such as elkhounds and fjord horses, links to genealogy sites, etc.
Then something happened. A new search engine appeared: Google. It was far superior to existing search engines. Pages with links to sites on Norway lost their value. And, frankly, the links were not kept current. On May 10, 2007, it was, for the most part, dismantled, with portions having original content, rather than links, retained.

Should our cousins in Norway drop by the site and discern errors, or if others spot blunders, they are encouraged to let us know. Please e-mail us.

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