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Landis co-starred with Allyn Josslyn in a comedy/crime caper centering on a Doberman Pinscher.


George Sanders portrays a thief but Carole Landis steals the scene. Film is set in the 18th Century.

Signe Hasso tries to get the attention of George Sanders, but his attention is firmly fixed on Carole Landis.


Landis is pictured with co-stars George Murphy and Pat O'Brien


That's John Harvey playing opposite Landis, who portrayed herself in the movie.


Dennis O'Keefe and Carole Landis hit it off.

Here's a fellow who doesn't like her singing.

Oddly enough, Landis had no lines in this scene.

Dennis O'Keefe to the rescue.


Landis co-starred with Victor Mature in this cult classic (re-made in 1966 with Rachel Welch). The attractions were Carole Landis and the special effects. The latter are primitive by today's standards, but in 1940 the film won an Academy Award nomination for its special effects, as well as its original score. (The special effects were incorporated in later films.)



That's Landis, above, standing next to John Wayne. (In front is Willie the Gorilla.) This was her first major role, after walk-ons in several movies in which she was not included in the credits. However, she was a long way from stardom. Note the poster at left; she was pictured, but not identified. Landis appeared later that year in another Three Mesquiteers western, "The Cowboys From Texas," this one sans John Wayne.



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